Custom Ceiling Lighting

Express yourself through innovative lighting design.  Our floating lighting panels create perfectly glowing luminous ceilings above islands, bars and specialty areas.

We can install any size and shape, custom print your own design or favorite image and even integrate a WIFI sound system.  Walk into the room, select music on your phone and enjoy! Visit our showroom to see how it’s done.

Watch the video about custom ceiling lighting

Custom Cabinet Lighting

Our unique knowledge in LED technology allows us to create most stunning kitchen designs with full implementation of todays trends of cabinet lighting design. Our kitchens available with LED lights built into toe kick, edges and side walls of cabinet boxes, shelves, handless systems. We offer cold white (6000K) or worm white (3700K) LED lights. All lights could be dimmable, connected to main kitchen power switch or individually controlled with push buttons and miniature motion sensors.

Visit our showroom for inspirations and experience kitchen cabinet lighting at its best.

Watch the video about custom cabinet lighting

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