Baczewski Luxury

Baczewski Luxury is Denver, CO based kitchen showroom and design center of a new generation. We value authentic European craftsmanship; we share the latest design trends coming from Italy and Germany; we help our customers experience luxury, sophistication and elegance in their lives.

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We only work with handful of European manufacturers that have proven themselves for outstanding quality and design innovation. We constantly learn from them and share our knowledge with our clients and designers, architects that collaborate with us.

We have an ongoing training program for designers, architects and other kitchen showrooms that share our passion for modern European design. Upon completion of the training you will become our partner, which will entitle you to special discounts and/or distributor pricing.

Many of our visitors have called our showroom “The Art Gallery of Modern Interior Design”. We welcome you to visit us and become a part of “Modern Interior Design” experience.

Baczewski Luxury showroom has been nominated by KBIS 2017 as one of the top three most innovative showrooms of the year. Visit our showroom and see why.